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¡Hola! / Hi! / Cześć! :)

NotaPublicado: 21 Mar 2013, 12:30
por dam_
Hi! :)

Some Spanish furries may associate me. I´m in Madrid now (till 24th March) because of the student exchange (ATHENS Programme) and I´m planning to go to the Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche on ERASMUS Programme after this holiday (on the one or two semestres). Someone could say that I foresee my future in Spain, but there are too misty plans. :3

Everything is such great, but there is one problem - I´m learning Spanish only for a couple of days. I noticed that usage of English in Spain is really similar to Poland - sometimes it´s hard to find someone who uses that language. :P You have to forgive me, I´ll try put some Spanish words and sentences into my post after my comeback to home.

More about me. I´m dam_ (you can write my nick as: dam, Dam, dam_ ect...). The history of my nick is rather trivial - I really wanted to have simply and short nick. I thought I could use my real name (Damian), but nicks during registration at Polish furry sites (http://www.polfurs.org / http://www.futrzaki.org) were limited to 4 letters. So I just bisected my real name and add flatworm at the end. :3 I´m blue cat from Otwock (30 km far away from Varsovia, the capital of Poland). I feel furry for about six years, however I´m in Polish fandom only for two years. But I believe that was enough to make many friends, find a boyfriend and road across the Poland many times. :)

I used to identify with Billy Fore´s blue cat Marco couple years ago. I think the only thing that remained after couple of years is a blue fur and sexual orientation.

I think that´s all at the beginning. I feel really comfortable in Polish fandom, but I realized that I want more. I hope that knowing better Spanish furries will develop me and open to another culture. :) *cuddles*

I can write something in Polish, but only for wishes. Polish language is so complicated that Google Translate often has a problems with understanding me. ;)

Furries which English isn´t good enough to communicate I invite to www.translate.google.pl - oh, and sorry for mistakes, my English isn´t perfect too.

Good to be here, guys. I hope I´ll start writing something in Spanish soon. :) *hugs*

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